Tajikistan: Institutional, Policy and Legislative Framework of Food Security of Tajikistan

Author: Lidija Knuth (FAO Right to Food Team)

Report, 2008.

The report “Institutional, Policy and Legislative Framework of Food Security of Tajikistan” provides an overview of the policy, legislative and institutional frameworks for food security in Tajikistan, and makes recommendations as to how such frameworks can be improved. The concept of food security is first briefly discussed, and then followed by an overview of some economic and social aspects relevant to Tajikistan’s food security. The second part of the report provides an overview of the institutions relevant to food security, while the third part examines policies and legislation governing various sectoral areas that are relevant to food security. It also identifies some of the gaps, inconsistencies and overlaps found in the policy and legal framework from a food security perspective.

The analysis aims at providing analytical support primarily to the Food Security Working Group of the Ministry of Economy and Trade in addressing institutional and legal inadequacies in the framework of food security.



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