Right to Food Assessment Philippines - Social Protection to Secure the Right to Food of Every Filipino (3/3)

Authors: Carlos O. Abad-Santos, Rosemarie G. Edillon, Sharon Faye A. Piza, Virgilio del os Reyes and Maria Socorro I. Diokno

Report, 2010. Component 3/3.

The entirety of Government programmes should build an enabling environment that ensures that individuals can feed themselves. This would require improving long-run sustainability of food and at the same time, addressing immediate food requirements. In line with these requirements, the third component focuses on two main areas of concern:

1. Long run food sustainability:

  • To what extent do trade policies influence the access of food of the most vulnerable?
  • What is the impact of marketing and distribution policies on access to food?
  • To what extent do high food prices influence the perception of hunger (relation between high food prices and SWS- survey results)

2. Immediate food requirements:

  • The availability, design and implementation of safety net programmes in the Philippines.



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