Procedures for monitoring the right to food

Authors: Maarten Immink, Wenche Barth Eide, Arne Oshaug / Editors: José Mª Medina Rey, Mª Teresa de Febrer (PROSALUS)

Right to Food Handbooks 5, 2014.

This handbook presents the basic process to be followed for monitoring policies, programmes and projects aimed at the right to food, starting from the components that distinguish it from a conventional monitoring framework: the basic content of the right to food, the State obligations and the principles of human rights.

The content of this handbook is based on the FAO’s “Methods to monitor the human right to adequate food” (Volume I and Volume II). Besides presenting the framework for monitoring the right to food, it provides a deep insight on the indicators -structural, process and outcome indicators- as well as on the monitoring of policies and programmes.

Available in: ENGLISH | ESPAÑOL | FRANÇAIS (soon available also in Portuguese).

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Monitoring,Analysis,Indicators,Institutional Capacity,Targets,Methodologies,Training,Educational Tools


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