Assessment of the right to food

Author: Frank Mischler / Editors: José Mª Medina Rey, Mª Teresa de Febrer (PROSALUS)

Right to Food Handbooks 7, 2014.

This handbook provides practical information and tools for conducting a right to food assessment as a first step in a strategy to ensure this right and to take the appropriate measures accordingly with the obligation of progressive realization of this right.

The content of this handbook is based on the FAO's “Guide to Conducting a Right to Food Assessment”. An assessment of the right to food should include an analysis of the causes of food and nutritional insecurity and should answer the following questions: who suffers food insecurity and vulnerability? Where are they located? What are the causes for their food insecurity or vulnerability? The assessment should also consider the legal, political, and institutional frameworks, civil society participation and budget analysis.

Available in: ENGLISH | ESPAÑOL | FRANÇAIS  (soon available also in Portuguese).

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Assessment,Food Security Analysis,Global Studies,Impact Analysis,Public Budget Analysis,Situation Analysis,Training,Educational Tools


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