Right to food training

Authors: Mauricio Rosales, Arne Oshaug, Maarten Immink, Beatrice Ghirardini / Editors: José Mª Medina Rey, Mª Teresa de Febrer (PROSALUS)

Right to Food Handbooks 10, 2014.

The purpose of this handbook devoted to training is to offer guidance on the appropriate way to implement training processes on the right to food by adapting them to the different groups.

The content of this handbook is based on the FAO’s guide "Right to Food Curriculum Outline". The previous handbook provided the distinction between rights holders, duty bearers and holders of responsibilities with regard to the right to food, as well as the functions and tasks that each one carries out. This information provides the basis for identifying the appropriate and critical training contents for all participants and some guidelines for adapting the training sessions for each specific group.

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