The Right to Food and Access to Justice

Author: Christophe Golay

Right to Food Study, 2009.

This Right to Food Study outlines a range of concrete examples to demonstrate that access to justice is possible and useful to protect the victims of violations of the right to food. In the first section, the author shows that the traditional arguments against the justiciability of the right to food are outdated today. In the second part, the conditions for ensuring that the victims of violations of the right to food have access to justice are described. This publication lay out the legal systems in which the access to justice is possible, and address the remaining gaps in other legal systems. Finally, it provides an analysis of current international, regional, and national jurisprudence and assesses the impact of the access to justice on the full realization of the right to food. The publication illustrates that in a number of cases, in particular in Argentina, South Africa, Colombia, India, and on the American continent, access to justice has led to major improvements in the access to food for hundreds of thousands of people. It is therefore concluded that access to justice should be considered an essential component to fight against hunger based on the right to food.



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