Right to food in the cities: focus on Mexico legislation

Author: FAO Right to Food Team

Flyer, 2010.

The Law on Food Security and Nutrition, approved on the 17th of August by the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District, is a milestone for the protection of the right to food. It is one of the first laws in the world implementing the right to food at the sub-national level and thus bringing the right to food protection closer to the citizens. An important achievement of the Law is that the right to food is recognized both, as a fundamental human right and as the main objective of such a Law.

This means a crucial step for decentralize concrete actions for a progressive realization of the right to food of all persons living in the Mexican capital. According to the numbers of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, almost half a million people in Mexico City are still food insecure.

This “Right to food in the cities” flyer focuses on the legislation of Mexico and the law on food security and nutrition in Mexico Federal district.

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