Right to Food Newsletter N�4

Author: FAO Right to Food Team

Newsletter N°4 - October/November 2008.

The fourth edition of the Right to Food Team Newsletter focuses on ‘strategy and coordination’. A coherent strategy and coordinated efforts are fundamental as the right to food has multi-sectoral implications and concerns a variety of different areas, such as agriculture, consumer protection, trade, social security, health and education. The Right to Food Guidelines offer a coherent package of practical recommendations in some 19 most relevant policy areas and thus constitute an excellent tool for coordination and for policy coherence.

This edition will discuss several examples of coordination mechanisms and strategies in the area of food and nutrition and examine how these integrated right to food considerations – this is further elaborated in two interviews with the Right to Food Team experts Maarten Immink and Frank Mischler.
Finally, a section of the newsletter has been dedicated to the voices from the field – a section for the Right to Food colleagues to share their experiences with the right to food with us.


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