Right to Food and indigenous peoples

Author: FAO Right to Food Team

"Focus on" Series, 2007.

This paper “Right to Food and Indigenous Peoples” is a part of the "Focus on" series, which also entails papers on “Right to Food and Bioenergy”, "Right to Food and HIV/AIDS”, “Right to Food and Gender” and “Right to Food and Access to Natural Resources”.

Indigenous peoples are among the world’s most vulnerable groups and poorest socio-ethnic populations. They make up a significant percentage of the food insecure, often facing chronic hunger and malnutrition. Paradoxically, due to a growing dependency on fast food, obesity is also on the rise among some groups. Individuals belonging to indigenous peoples have the same human rights as other individuals. In reality, however, they often suffer from extreme marginalization. Equality and non-discrimination are therefore two of the most important rights in the indigenous peoples’ context.

The paper addresses the right to food and indigenous peoples in regard to Human Rights, Land and Natural Resources, Indigenous women and State Obligations.

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