Monitor the realization of the Right to Food

Author: FAO Right to Food Team

"How to" Series, 2007.

The paper “Monitor the Realization of the Right to Food” is a part of the “How to” series, which also includes the papers “Conduct a Right to Food Assessment”, “Analyze Budgets” and “Legislate for the Right to Food”.

The right to food is still not realized for many people. It is important to know who is not enjoying the right to food and why, so that efforts can be made over time to increase the number of people who are benefiting from this right. At the same time, those who are enjoying the right to food need to be protected to ensure that their situation does not change. Monitoring through the periodic collection, analysis and interpretation, and dissemination of relevant information is critical to know whether progress is being made and whether policies, programmes and other actions by government and other stakeholders adequately address the causes that limit the realization of the right to food, while at the same time respecting and protecting the right to food. Monitoring information serves to make decisions on what needs to be done or what to do differently. It also speeds up progress towards the realization of the right to food.

This paper focuses on how to monitor the right to food, what the monitoring on the right to food should focus on and who should monitor the right to food?

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