Questions and Answers

Author: FAO Right to Food Team

Flyer, 2007.

This document is a part of the Right to Food Essential Package. The Right to Food Essential Package provides you with all the documents you will need in order to understand what the right to food is, information about policies and law, examples of best practices and the right to food in action. This “Question and Answer” flyer provides you with the answers to the following questions about the Right to Food:

1)  What is the human right to food?
2)  Is the right to food a right to food aid?
3)  Is the right to food a legally binding right?
4)  Who is responsible for implementing the right to food?
5)  States already have many obligations. How can they afford to realize the right to food?
6)  Is hunger a human rights violation?
7)  What can people do if their right to food is violated?
8)  Can human rights really help fighting hunger and malnutrition?
9)  Why is FAO involved in the right to food?
10) What are the Right to Food Guidelines?
11) What does a right to food project typically look like?
12) Are there concrete examples of successful right to food actions?
13) How does the right to food differ from food sovereignty?
14) Would you like to add anything in conclusion?

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