Food, Agriculture and Cities - Challenges of food and nutrition security, agriculture and ecosystem management in an urbanizing world 4 June 2012 The feeding of humanity, the majority of which now lives in cities worldwide, involves a complex system of ecological, social and economic relationships. The world community has acknowledged that the human right to food must be progressively realized despite the enormous challenges and inequities that exist in the food systems of both rich and poor countries. The diverse array of present "food systems" is changing rapidly on a global scale and will be transformed even more rapidly as a result of powerful forces. This transformation has become a major issue for debate amongst traditional and non-traditional actors and institutions engaged in agriculture. This includes United Nations (UN) agencies, national governments, research institutions, mayors, planners, producers, private sector, social movements and civil society organizations in high, medium and low-income countries. All parties to the debate are increasingly concerned with the impacts of food price volatility and climate change on food systems. [more]
Food for the Cities - Brochure 4 June 2012 World hunger is projected to reach an historic high in 2009, with 1.02 billion people going hungry every day .... The urban poor will probably face the most severe problems in coping with the global recession, because lower export demand and reduced foreign direct investment are more likely to hit urban jobs harder. [more]
4 June 2012 Meeting proceedings Rome, Italy, 27 - 28 January 200 [more]
Trees outside forests. Towards better awareness 4 June 2012 Rural people around the world are of one mind when it comes to the durability, availability and use of the goods and services provided by tree resources, whether inside or outside the forest. These men and women make no distinction between field trees and forest resources, perceiving the clear and close link between the two, and their interaction. Policy-makers and planners, however, tend to view these resources as different entities. It seems clear that Trees outside forests have not yet succeeded in arousing real interest at the top. So there is a need to describe and comprehend the dynamics of trees and shrubs on rural and urban land, and their interaction with forest dynamics. This should lead to a better understanding of off-forest tree management and towards integrated and sustainable management of natural resources and of forest, farm, pastoral and urban land. [more]
La Foresterie urbaine et periurbaine 4 June 2012 Les problèmes sociaux et environnementaux associés à l'urbanisation accélérée et incontrôlée propres à de nombreuses parties du monde en développement sont de mieux en mieux reconnus. Les mouvements démographiques en cours forcent de plus en plus de ruraux à s'installer dans les banlieues des agglomérations urbaines aggravant, par là même, les problèmes d'approvisionnement et de santé. Dans certains pays, les populations ne sont pas seulement attirées vers les villes par l'espoir d'y trouver des emplois et des revenus élevés, mais aussi le fait qu'ils sont forcés de quitter les zones rurales en raison de facteurs comme le manque de terre et l'amenuisement des revenus tirés de l'agriculture. De ce fait, la question du développement urbain et de la gestion des espaces verts urbains et des ressources en terre prend une importance croissante. [more]

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