21 June 2012
Riocentro Room T-4

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There can be no sustainable development when billions of people are left in hunger, poverty and food insecurity on the side-lines of mainstream development, with no protection from risks and shocks, and no hope to contribute to and benefit from growth, nor to fully enjoy their human development potential. Moving sustainable development requires a shift to food production and consumption systems that are productive, sustainable and equitable.

The event aims to identify recommendations and actions based on successful national and international experiences, policies and programs aimed at reducing hunger and under-nutrition, building food security and resilience, and creating sustainable and equitable food production and consumption systems We must eradicate hunger and poverty to achieve the Rio vision of sustainable development.

Some of the topics that will trigger the discussions are:

  1. Access to food –how can we enable all people to access the food they need through nutrition-sensitive systems?
  2. Child under nutrition – how can we ensure universal access to nutritious food and micronutrients and achieve zero stunting for children under 2 years?
  3. Sustainable food systems – how can we ensure that all farmers, agribusinesses, cooperatives, governments and civil society establish standards for inclusive sustainability and responsible governance?
  4. Smallholders – how can we increase smallholder productivity and income?
  5. Reducing food losses and waste – how can we lose and waste less?


Introduction and overview of the event by the moderator
David Nabarro
Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Food Security and Nutrition and Coordinator of the High-Level Task Force on Food and Nutrition

Opening remarks by
Ban Ki Moon
Secretary General of the United Nations

Panel Discussion with

  • Dilma Rousseff
    President of the Federative Republic of Brazil (invited)
  • Meles Zenawi
    Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (confirmed)
  • Mahamadou Issoufou
    President of the Republic of Niger (confirmed)
  • Nicholas William Clegg
    Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (confirmed)
  • Mr. Heikki Holmås
    Minister of Development  Norway (confirmed)
  • Ertharin Cousin
    Executive Director of WFP (confirmed)
  • José Graziano da Silva
    Director-General, FAO (confirmed)
  • Mahmoud Mohieldin
    Managing Director, World Bank (confirmed)
  • Emile Frison
    Director General, Bioversity (confirmed)
  • Carlos Sere
    Chief Development Strategist, IFAD (confirmed)
  • Tony Lake
    Chair of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement and Executive Director of UNICEF (confirmed)
  • Paul Polman
    CEO UNILEVER (confirmed)
  • Esther Penunia
    Secretary General of the Asian Farmers Association for Sustainable Rural Development (confirmed)

Closing remarks by
José Graziano da Silva
Director-General, FAO (confirmed)

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