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تعزيز المؤسسات الريفية

Making all voices count

Better access to information and opportunities to participate in two-way communication processes help to mobilize and empower rural people. The rural poor can become agents of change only when they are able to voice their needs and concerns, participate actively in decision-making and take responsibility for their own development.

FAO facilitates the empowerment of rural populations by supporting social communication processes and by developing the capacities of rural women and men to participate in producer and other community organizations.

The Rural Institutions, Services and Empowerment (RISE) team promotes participatory communication, community mobilization and gender transformative approaches through the Dimitra Clubs, which facilitate rural people’s access to information and active participation of the most excluded in community life.

The FAO-SEWA partnership aims to capitalize on good practices, and promote global exchange on collective action to enable rural people to take ownership of their own development.