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تعزيز المؤسسات الريفية

Opportunities to flourish

FAO-Dimitra is a participatory information and communication project that contributes to improving the visibility of rural populations, women in particular.

The goal of Dimitra is to highlight the role of women and men as producers, so that their respective interests are better taken into consideration and they can fully participate in the rural development of their communities and countries. The project builds the capacities of rural populations, women in particular, through the dissemination of information and the exchange of experiences.

Through Dimitra, FAO undertakes information dissemination; experience exchange and participatory communication activities to promote gender equality, community mobilization and collective action. This approach particularly contributes to increasing rural women’s visibility as agricultural producers and leaders, their access to information and their economic and social empowerment. In general, the clubs enhance rural people’s voice, self-confidence and participation in community life and governance.