本页详细介绍了粮农组织乡村机构四个主要工作领域:地域方法、多元化服务体系、农村和小规模农业企业融资、农村社会经济赋权和社区动员。 更多信息请参看外部链接。

Improving livelihoods through pluralistic services and institution-building

The Rural Institutions, Services and Empowerment (RISE) team recognizes the plurality of service providers, public and private, that cater to the diverse needs and demands of small producers and their organizations.

Pluralistic service systems (PSS) – in which a wide range of services are provided by different actors and funding sources – have the potential to make services more inclusive, demand responsive and market-oriented.

The triple functions of Producer Organizations in Pluralistic market-oriented services (PMOS):

  • Providing services - Rural Advisory services, credit, mechanization, postharvest handling, storage, branding,… 

  • Consolidation - Aggregation of produce, bulk purchase, pooling resources, accumulation of assets and infrastructure

  • Advocacy and representation – lobbying, policy dialogue, articulating demand, negotiation