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本页详细介绍了粮农组织乡村机构四个主要工作领域:地域方法、多元化服务体系、农村和小规模农业企业融资、农村社会经济赋权和社区动员。 更多信息请参看外部链接。

Livelihood opportunities through finance and credit

Increasing finance and investments in rural areas is a vital part of addressing food security and poverty reduction. However, a number of factors continue to thwart the development of vibrant financial markets in the rural areas of most countries, thus having an impact on the range of financial services offered - and used - by people at all income levels.

The RISE team focuses on understanding the strengths and obstacles that hinder the development of capacities within producer organizations and their members; financial institutions; business development service-providers (BDS) and policy-making in order to achieve greater financial inclusion, seize investment opportunities and mitigate risks.

RISE facilitates dialogue within various professional networks to identify and reduce knowledge gaps and make evidence-based policy recommendations to promote sustainable and inclusive rural financial systems and agribusiness investments.