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Укрепление сельскохозяйственных организаций

На этой странице подробно описываются четыре основные принципа работы ФАО в части сельских организаций: территориальный подход, плюралистические системы обслуживания, финансирование сельского малого бизнеса, социально-экономическое развитие прав и возможностей сельского населения и мобилизация общественности. Дополнительная информация по данному вопросу доступна по внешним ссылкам.

A framework for fostering equality, inclusion and sustainable food and nutrition security

Food insecurity, malnutrition, poverty and income levels are highly context specific and interrelated. Diverse geographic areas react differently to specific policies, as well as to shocks (both external and internal).

Despite the considerable attention and investment these issues have received, the results have been mixed and particularly alarming in terms of income inequalities and geographic disparities. Income disparities persist between rural and urban areas, and also between regions within the same country.

The territorial approach provides an alternative framework for capturing the variety of conditions across urban and rural regions as well as across different territories.