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Strengthening Rural Institutions


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The common themes of issue 29 of the Dimitra Newsletter are Empowerment and collective actions. The very first article goes straight to the heart of the matter, describing the community mobilization triggered by the Dimitra Clubs in Gasseda (Niger), which has [...]
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Despite impressive progress in reducing hunger and poverty, about 800 million people worldwide continue to suffer from undernourishment. Food insecurity and malnutrition are problems affecting rural areas in particular, as part of a pattern of deep-rooted spatial inequalities. Conventional sectoral [...]
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FAO’s Senior Agricultural Policy Support Officer, Vito Cistulli, elaborates on the partnership between FAO and SEWA
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Morocco has undergone a process of political, economic and social reform over the past decade and a half, which has resulted in a significant economic growth and poverty reduction. However, the fruits of this development are still not equally shared, [...]
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As developing countries cope with limited financial and organizational resources, the goal of providing extensive social protection (SP) for all rural poor is far from being achieved. Social protection, intended as a combination of social assistance, insurance, services and mechanisms [...]