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توفير الأغذية: المبادرة العالمية بشأن الحد من الفاقد والمهدر من الأغذية


In May 2011, international experts from politics, business and society came together for the first SAVE FOOD Congress.  During this event, each participant committed to and signed the declaration against food losses and waste.

SAVE FOOD-declaration

We consider global food losses as one of the most pressing problems for the international community.

We want to make a contribution towards ensuring safe food for a consistently growing world population and the protection of the world’s valuable resources. People in less developed countries should be given a fair economic chance to participate in the opportunities of the global food chains.

We want to promote – wherever it may be needed and feasible – a different approach to available food.

In so doing we are fully aware of the fact that the earth’s different regions may present very different challenges.

In cases where valuable food rots on the fields, we support the quest for more efficient agricultural processes and sustainable development on site. In instances where food is spoiled along the supply chain, we promote solutions that rely on better logistics and adequate packaging. In areas where political issues stand in the way of a reduction in food losses, we encourage the responsible parties to take action. In the event of food producers, as well as distributors being able to make a difference, we encourage companies to enable change. In view of consumers wasting food, we campaign for greater respect for food.

With the SAVE FOOD initiative we help fight global food losses and waste.

The fight against food loss concerns everyone - everyone can contribute. Sign the SAVE FOOD declaration and make a personal commitment against food waste.

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