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Mobilization of stakeholders to help reduce food losses and waste worldwide through membership.

SAVE FOOD – The Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction - is based on the concept of MEMBERSHIP and COLLABORATION. The magnitude and complexity of the problem of food losses and waste requires collaboration of actors and organizations involved, as no organization acting alone can achieve meaningful results.

Coordination and collaboration among the many initiatives being implemented would create synergy, increase the efficiency in using resources and expedite achieving results. Save Food plays a coordinating role by bringing together all organizations and companies, public and private, that are involved in food loss and waste reduction activities, either at global, regional or national level. It brings together members that reach out to stakeholders and the general public, share information, ideas, questions and answers, support the implementation of solutions, and connect with each other to achieve significant results.

SAVE FOOD is calling on new members from the private sector as well as non-profit organizations involved throughout the food supply chain to join the effort and contribute their expertise. In addition, we welcome Save Food ‘Advocates’ and ‘Supporters’ who are ready to volunteer their time, talent, and creativity to promote the initiative through social media. Every contribution helps!

The criteria for Save Food membership are:

  1. Have, or participate in, a programme to reduce food losses and/or food waste, or have the serious intention to get involved in such activities.
  2. Commercial (private) company or association that is an actor in one or more food supply chains (production, processing, wholesale, retail, restaurant/catering) or is directly providing goods or services to food supply chain actors (research, input supply (packaging), management, training, consultancies).
  3. Non-profit organization (international development, university, ngo, national institution, government department, cooperative or association from developing country) that is supporting food supply chain actors or food supply chain development in general.

Being a member has the following benefits:

  • You have access to information from, and networking with other Save Food members world-wide.
  • You will receive technical advice and support from FAO and Save Food in your programme to reduce food losses and waste.
  • You can use the logo of the SAVE FOOD Initiative to highlight your membership.
  • You will receive a regular newsletter in which you can also integrate your own initiative-related articles.
  • You can use the studies from the SAVE FOOD Initiative and FAO.
  • You will receive information material to advertise the Initiative.
  • The logo of your company can be integrated on the SAVE FOOD Initiative website if requested.
  • The use of additional services is illustrated and invoiced separately according to the service requested. This includes ordering placards with the declaration, participating in exhibitions and events, hosting the SAVE FOOD exhibition or the photo exhibition 'One Third'.

Your contributions to the SAVE FOOD Initiative could consist of:

  1. Sharing information and providing access to your network, related to food losses and/or food waste.
  2. Promoting the Save Food Initiative, showing the Save Food link on your website.
  3. Support or contribute to the Save Food activities and shaping the Save Food programme.
  4. Sponsoring Save Food activities.

Click here for the on-line registration and application, or to LOG-IN as a Member.

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