SAVE FOOD: Initiative mondiale de réduction des pertes et du gaspillage alimentaires

The Milan Charter: planning a future with less food waste

06 Feb 2015

SAVE FOOD will be participating in a thematic round table on preparation of the Milan Charter, to be held on 7 February in Milan, Italy. The main aims of this event are to discuss, reflect on and develop objectives and concrete actions for facilitating sustainable food systems for the future. Signatories to the charter will be responsible for continuing to address issues such as food waste, the right to food, the safety of food products and sustainable agriculture. The final version of the charter will be delivered during World Food Day at FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy on 16 October 2015.

With contributions from institutions, the academic world, civil society and the private sector, the draft Milan Charter will provide guidelines for the Italian Government as it promotes a more sustainable world food system during Expo 2015, which takes place in Milan from May to October.

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