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SAVE FOOD: Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction
SAVE FOOD Newsletter
July 2014
News and Events
SAVE FOOD newsletter
3 July 2014, FAO HQ, Rome, Italy
Food losses and waste in the context of sustainable food systems report launched by the High Level Panel of Experts (HLPE) of the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS). Plenary discussion in October 2014 at CFS41, FAO Headquarters, Rome.


SAVE FOOD Initiative supports the Think.Eat.Save Campaign events on 21 July in Australia to raise awareness on global food loss and waste reduction.

The first FAO Regional consultation invites researchers, technicians, policy makers, members of civil society, academy, food industry and other stakeholders to participate in the SAVE FOOD collaboration network, towards solutions to fight global food loss and waste. Learn and join!

European Economic and Social Committee
EESC conference in Brussels focus on the key role played by Food donation in fighting food poverty and addressing food waste. During the conference the First Comparative Study on EU Member States' legislation and practices on food donation has been launched. The report and meeting received technical contributions from FAO, through SAVE FOOD: Global Initiative on Food loss and Waste Reduction.

USDA's Economic Research Service
Food loss and its food waste sub-component are increasingly in the spotlight both in the United States and around the world.  Concern about the wasted resources in the production and disposal of uneaten food, the negative side effects associated with food loss (such as pollution created during food production), and the growing pressures on the global food supply.

The report provides extensive details about household food and drink waste including its causes, the size of individual instances of waste and the proportion of food left in its original packaging.

Mr Dubanchet, a national of France, has spent the last 10 weeks dumpster diving – eating only discarded food – while cycling from France to Poland on a mission to highlight the issue of food waste.

Natural Resources Defense Council
Food is simply too good to waste. Yet, 40 percent of food in the United States today goes uneaten. That is more than 20 pounds of food per person every month.

Six major research universities in the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Africa, Australia, and South America have united to form the WORLD FOOD PRESERVATION CENTER™. These sister universities will work together in a unique partnership to develop new low-cost, sustainable technologies to combat food loss in developing countries and throughout the world.

Blog by Peter Brabeck-Letmathe
Water overuse in an increasing number of watersheds across the world and, as a result, water shortage (particularly for agriculture) is one of the most serious challenges for the next 10-20 years. Increasing food waste significantly adds to the problem.

By Jenny Eagle
The Institution of Mechanical Engineers has launched a report which claims 25 percent of food waste in the developing world could be eliminated with better refrigeration equipment.

Roskilde Festival collaborates with Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark to reduce food waste by donating up to 30 tonnes of surplus food to shelters and drop-in centers, which take care of homeless people.


7–17 July
Brussels, Belgium
The photo exhibition by Austrian artist Klaus Pichler was launched in the context of FAO's "SAVE FOOD" Initiative. The photo exhibition will be presented during the EU EESC conference on Food donation: fighting food poverty and addressing food waste.

12 July
Spoleto, Italy
Awards ceremony of the Socially Correct competition.

21–23 July
Windhoek, Namibia
The Food and Nutrition Security Workshop is a collaborative consultative event enabled by the City of Windhoek (Namibia), World Future Council (WFC) and  Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

21 July
Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Newcastle - Australia
Australia's leading food rescue organisation, OzHarvest will again partner with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and FAO’s Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction (SAVE FOOD) to fight food waste at Think.Eat.Save events to be held across the country.

21 July
Disco Veggie, organized by the Slow Food Youth Network Tokyo, is the first Japanese culinary and musical act of protest that sees people coming together in a public square to chop vegetables that would otherwise be wasted. Soups and salads are then distributed for free; often in huge quantities, always with music. FEED BELLIES, NOT BINS! 


SAVE FOOD: Appropriate food packaging solutions for developing countries - in its new 2014 edition

Fighting Food Loss and Food Waste in Japan


Global food waste in eight numbers

(a selection)

Estonian Foodbank

The Estonian Food Bank has a clear mission: to create solidarity between human beings and responsibility for the weakest.

LightBlue Environmental Consultant

LightBlue is a pioneer consulting, auditing and training company supporting hotels in Optimizing Sustainability, Staff Performance and Profitability in daily operations.


FoodCloud matches businesses with surplus food to charities within their community that serve food through a smart phone app and web site.


Fighting food waste by collecting food that would have otherwise been thrown away.

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