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SAVE FOOD: Iniciativa mundial sobre la reducción de la pérdida y el desperdicio de alimentos

FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey promote food waste on the agenda

4 April 2019, Ankara, Turkey – Representatives from private sector, civil society, academia and business associations gathered for second time in Ankara to discuss the causes of food waste and possible solutions to stem the issue, being a part of the “SAVE YOUR FOOD” campaign.


The workshop was organized by FAO in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of the Republic of Turkey in the context of the “SAVE YOUR FOOD” campaign, which was launched under the umbrella of FAO’s SAVE FOOD Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction. The campaign aims to increase awareness about the issue, manifest Turkey’s commitment to end food loss and waste and to reinstate the Technical Platform on the Measurement and Reduction of Food Loss and Waste. [read more

Roadmap for food loss and waste reduction validated in Armenia

27 February 2019, Yerevan - Some 40 participants gathered today to discuss and validate a strategic roadmap for food loss and waste prevention and reduction in Armenia that was developed on the basis of participants’ recommendations and the results of the field studies. 

The workshop is part of an FAO project facilitating reduction of food loss and waste in Armenia, Albania, Moldova and the Republic of North Macedonia. This ultimate goal should lessen Armenia’s contribution to climate change and the pressure on national food systems for increased production. [read more]


MEPs support FAO’s education programme on food waste prevention

21 February 2019, Brussels - Today, a roundtable was assembled under the auspices of the European Parliamentary Alliance on the Fight against Hunger and the European Parliament (EP) Intergroup on “Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development” to draw attention to political and moral responsibility to reduce food waste and to call for immediate action. The roundtable focused on the importance and the transformative potential of educating and engaging children – future consumers – in food waste prevention, thus, leading to behavioral change across generations.


In this regard, the education package “Do good: Save food!”, developed by FAO together with the International Food Waste Coalition (IFWC), was presented. [read more]

FAO called for a stronger action against food loss and waste at a conference in Moscow

Moscow, January 2019 - FAO Liaison Office with Russian Federation and Messe Düsseldorf – which together with FAO established SAVE FOOD Initiative in 2011 - organised a conference on “What Does it Cost to Save Food” in Moscow on 29 January 2019. 

Objective of the conference was to draw attention of the Russian government and private sector to the problems of food losses and waste (FLW) in the country and to share the world’s best examples of national strategies and programs to tackle the issue.

With Russia’s commitment to implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the conference participants agreed that efforts should be enhanced at all levels to achieve the Target 12.3 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which calls on to halve food waste and reduce food loss by 2030, taking into account national capacities and realities. [read more]

FAO supports the reduction of food loss and waste in southeastern Europe

Budapest, December 2018 - In Europe and Central Asia, and particularly in countries not part of the European Union, food loss and waste have major implications on food nutrition and security through inefficiencies in the food value chains. FAO is now working with four southeastern European countries to develop strategies for food loss and waste reduction. [read more]

FAO expert addresses faculty and students in Krasnodar and Moscow on Food Loss and Waste Reduction

Moscow, November 2018 - Robert van Otterdijk, Agro-industry Officer, FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia, delivered two lectures this week on “Food Waste during Food Processing and the Re-Use of Food Rest Products” at two Russian universities. On 21 November, he addressed audiences at Kuban Agricultural University in the Southern Russian city of Krasnodar, and the following day he spoke at Timiryazev Agricultural Academy in Moscow. [read more]

Expertos de la FAO evalúan las pérdidas y el desperdicio de alimentos en Georgia

  • Georgia, 24 de mayo de 2017 – El principal objetivo del taller de consulta a las partes interesadas celebrado el 24 de mayo de 2017 en Tiflis fue intercambiar experiencias e información sobre la reducción de las pérdidas y el desperdicio de alimentos en Georgia. El taller estuvo organizado por la Unión Europea (UE) y la Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO) en el marco del Programa Europeo de Vecindad relativo a la Agricultura y el Desarrollo Rural (ENPARD, por sus siglas en inglés). Al evento asistieron representantes gubernamentales y partes interesadas del ENPARD. [Para saber más]

La FAO y la Asociación rusa de Empresas Minoristas (AKORT) organizan una tabla redonda para abordar la pérdida y el desperdicio en Rusia

  • Moscú, 31 de enero de 2017 – En el edificio de la ONU en Moscú se celebró una mesa redonda centrada en el reto de la reducción de las pérdidas y el desperdicio de alimentos en varios subsectores de la economía rusa. El evento, organizado conjuntamente por la Oficina de Enlace de la FAO en Moscú (FAOLOR) y la Asociación rusa de Empresas Minoristas (AKORT), reunió a representantes del Ministerio de Agricultura, del Servicio Federal de Protección de los Derechos del Consumidor y del Bienestar Humano (Rospotrebnadzor), consumidores, uniones de productos piscícolas y lácteos, la fundación caritativa de banco de alimentos “RUS”, METRO Cash & Carry y otras empresas privadas. [Para saber más]

Lanzamiento oficial de la Iniciativa SAVE FOOD en el mercado ruso para luchar contra las pérdidas y el desperdicio de alimentos en el país

  • 2017: La Oficina de Enlace de la FAO y la Federación de Rusia se han aliado con Messe Düsseldorf Moscú para organizar un evento especial durante la feria de la industria del envasado y el procesamiento “Upakovka-2017”, miembro de Interpack Alliance. Además, el 31 de enero de 2017, la Oficina de Enlace de la FAO, junto con la Asociación rusa de Empresas Minoristas (AKORT), organiza una mesa redonda sobre la reducción de las pérdidas y el desperdicio de alimentos en Rusia. La mesa redonda reunirá a representantes de empresas privadas y sus asociados y servirá de base para el desarrollo de un libro blanco sobre las pérdidas y el desperdicio de alimentos para los organismos del Gobierno ruso. [Para saber más]

How a Russian farmers' cooperative tries to save food

2016: LavkaLavka is a Moscow-based farmers' cooperative that was established in order to provide Russian farmers with an opportunity to sell their produce. In 2009 the company's founder Boris Akimov, a popular journalist and artist, started a blog where he posted stories about farms and farmers and offered his readers to buy their produce. The demand was so strong that he soon opened an online store. Today LavkaLavka unites more than 200 farms throughout Russia. The cooperative has opened 5 retail stores in Moscow, a big farmers' market, an online store, two farmers’ cafes and two farmers’ restaurants [read more]

FAO Regional Conference for Europe (ERC) Side Event

Regional Conference for Europe (ERC) Side Event

Antalya, Turkey, 4 - 6 May, 2016 - CFS held two plenary sessions since the last Regional Conferences met. In line with its role in global policy convergence CFS endorsed the Principles for Responsible Investment in Agriculture and Food Systems (CFS-RAI) and the Framework for Action for Food Security and Nutrition in Protracted Crises (CFS-FFA). Policy recommendations were made on the basis of the three reports produced by the High-Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition (HLPE): Food Losses and Waste in the Context of Sustainable Food Systems; Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture for Food Security and Nutrition; and Water for Food Security and Nutrition. The Committee organized a High-Level Forum on Connecting Smallholders to Markets. Its outcomes were presented to the CFS Plenary together with identified areas to be further addressed by CFS.

29th Regional Conference for Europe

2014: paper “Food Losses and Waste in Europe and Central Asia” discussed at the Ministerial Roundtable during the 29th Regional Conference for Europe

Turkey – Campaign on Preventing Bread Waste

2013 - in January 2013 the Turkish Grain Board and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock together with relevant stakeholders launched the Campaign on Preventing Bread Waste.
Source: Turkish Grain Board and FAO, 2014

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