SAVE FOOD: Global Initiative on Food Loss and Waste Reduction

FUSIONS: Working together

FAO is working with stakeholders in the European Union to reduce food losses and food waste

Wageningen University’s Food and Biobased Research Institute brings together 21 key actors from 13 different European countries in the EC Funded FUSIONS (Food Use for Social Innovation by Optimising waste prevention Strategies) project.

Apart from FAO, this includes regulatory bodies, businesses, NGOs and knowledge institutes, as well as consumer organisations in the most concerted effort yet to reduce food losses and food waste in Europe. More than 80 additional organisations from a variety of sectors have pledged their support to FUSIONS.

The project will contribute to achieving a Resource Efficient Europe also through a comprehensive and experienced European partnership covering all key actors across the food supply chain: regulatory, business, NGOs, and knowledge institutes; all with strong links to consumer organisations.

FAO will contribute significantly to the harmonisation of food losses and waste monitoring; feasibility assessments of social innovative measures for optimised food use; and development of guidelines for a common Food Waste policy for the European Union.

The main instruments to achieve the Objectives are: (i) stimulating communication and discussion between food chain stakeholders regarding socially innovative solutions for optimized food use on science and practice based evidence; and (ii) enabling analysis of long term trends in food waste management, by better understanding, and availability, of food waste data and greater integration of stakeholders and activities from across the EU and the candidate countries.

The 2011 SAVE FOOD study on global food losses and food waste found that each person in the industrialised world wastes about 100 kilos of food each year. Several initiatives to prevent food waste throughout the food chain have already been rolled out in many European countries. FUSIONS is now correlating the knowledge and experienced gained from these initiatives.

FUSIONS recently launched a website to promote interaction on European food-waste, where news, events, research, and tools on all aspects on European food waste can be shared and discussed. The ambition is to stimulate social innovations in feasibility studies, assessing monitoring methodologies, and developing policy guidelines for national and EU governments.

FUSION Project partners: Wageningen UR (Netherlands); FAO; WRAP (UK); University of Bologna (Italy); SIK (Sweden); INRA (France); BIO Intelligence Service (France); Ostfoldforskning (Norway); Stop Wasting Food / Selina Juul (Denmark); Universität für Bodenkultur Wien (Austria); Institute for Food Research (UK); IVL (Sweden); MTT (Finland); Hacettepe Universitesi (Turkey); Hungarian Foodbank Association (Hungary); Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki’s Local Authorities (Greece); Universität Hohenheim (Germany); Last Minute Market (Italy); Koninklijke Ahold (Netherlands); Communiqué (Denmark); Tristram Stuart (UK).

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