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What are School Gardens?

School Gardens are found in many countries, in different forms and sizes, with varying aims. In most cases, the School Garden is an area of land within the school grounds or nearby.

Vegetables, flowers, medicinal plants, trees, bushes and many other plants are usually grown. Occasionally, small animals are also kept in the School Garden, such as ducks, rabbits, chickens, goats and even fish. In cities where schools have limited space or lack open earth, the School Garden can consist of plants growing in containers.

Although the term "School Garden" embraces a variety of gardening and agricultural elements, School Gardens usually have two things in common:

1. The schoolchildren actively help parents and other interested community member in creating and maintaining the garden; and
2. These schoolchildren use the garden - for learning, for recreation and by eating what is harvested.

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Schoolchildren with harvested vegetables in Cuba.
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