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 First Steps
This section contains practical support for teachers, parents, volunteers and secondary school students who would like to establish or improve a School Garden. It gives step-by-step guidance on how to set-up and run a School Garden.

This section is based on the following manual published by FAO:

Title: Setting up and running a School Garden. A manual for teachers, parents and communities.

Rome, 2005, 208 pp., spiral-bound
ISBN 92-5-105408-8
Language: English
To see the manual click here.

 School Garden library
This section lists publications on gardening, nutrition and education.

Web resources
This section provides links to Web sites on School Gardens and related teaching resources. If you would like to recommend Web sites or publications that you have found useful, please contact us.

This section describes examples of School Garden projects, which have been supported by FAO.

 Conceptual Background
This section is for those who are interested in establishing School Garden programmes for a large number of schools, such as Curriculum planners, Ministries for Education and Agriculture, programme planners and non-governmental organizations.

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