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Setting up and running a School Garden - a manual for teachers, parents and communities (FAO, 2005)
This manual was prepared to assist school teachers, parents and communities. It includes School Garden experiences and best practices from around the world. Classroom lessons are linked to practical learning in the garden. It links School Gardens to information about nature and the environment, food production and marketing, food processing and preparation and making healthy food choices. The section First Steps of this web site is based on this manual.

Digging deeper: integrating youth gardens into schools & communities (Food Works, 1998)
An illustrated guide on planning and designing School Gardens, involving local communities and parents. By Joseph Kiefer, Martin Kemple and Melanie Manaugh (Editor).

School organic gardens (Association for Science Education, 1996)
A practical guide written for primary teachers. It covers the ethics of organic gardening, growing food crops and investigating the garden environment. It consists of teachers' notes and A4 worksheets. By Jennifer Pattinson.

Learning about lifecycles using an organic garden (Southgate, 2002)
This book uses the idea of growing small amounts of organic food at school to introduce issues such as sustainable development into the classroom. It has units on gardening issues such as soil, water, compost, insects and plants. By Allan Randall and Ian Mitchell.

The growing classroom: garden-based science (Addison Wesley Publishing Company, 1990)
The Growing Classroom contains step-by-step instructions for setting up a garden-based science program and outdoor classroom activities. Topics include working together in the garden, garden ecology, climate, nutrition, gardening tips, and food choices. By Roberta Jaffe and Gary Appel.

In the school ground series (Southgate)
An Introduction to outdoor teaching:
1. Science in the school grounds (1992) by Gill Thomas
2. Mathematics in the school grounds (1993) by Zoe Rhydderch-Evans
3. English in the school grounds (1993) by Brian Keaney
4. Arts in the school grounds (1996) by Brian Keaney
5. Geography in the school grounds (1996) by R Hare, C Attenborough and T Day.
6. Personal, social and health education in the school grounds (2001) by Alan Dyer and Jeff Lewis
7. History in the school grounds (1999) by Jacqui Dean
8. Physical education in the school grounds (2000) by Sue Chedzoy

Success with School Gardens (Arizona Master Gardener Press, 1994)
Success With School Gardens contains information for planning, initiating and conducting a youth garden program. Available for download. By Linda A. Guy, Cathy Cromell and Lucy K. Bradley.
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