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Material for teachers

A garden for everyone; self tutorial manual (FAO, 2002)
This is a manual of methods for growing vegetable crops for family consumption. It is aimed at small farmers, rural school teachers, children and urban and suburban residents. It was produced by the Regional Office of the FAO for Latin America and the Caribbean, to support the Technical Cooperation Network for the Production of Vegetables Crops.

Improving nutrition through home gardening - A training package for preparing field workers (FAO)
This training package integrates food production, nutrition information and a comprehensive set of materials for agricultural extension, community and field workers who wish to assist households and communities in improving food production and adding nutritional value to their diets.
A training package for preparing field workers in Africa (2001)

A training package for preparing field workers in Southeast Asia (1995)

A training package for preparing field workers in Latin America and the Caribbean (2000)

Keeping village poultry (Network for Smallholder Poultry Development, 2004)
This manual gathers existing knowledge on how to improve village poultry production systems with relatively few inputs.
For more resources from the Network for Smallholder Poultry Development, please see Information Resources.

Better farming series 13: keeping chickens (FAO, 1970)
This manual is for extension workers. It gives simple rearing tips, such as how to select and feed poultry, and how to protect them against diseases.

Small-scale poultry production (FAO, 2004)
This technical guide promotes sustainable small-scale, family based poultry production. It gives a comprehensive review of all aspects of small-scale production in developing countries. It includes sections on feeding and nutrition, housing, general husbandry and flock health. Regional differences in productions practices are also described. The guide provides the technical and scientific building blocks needed to develop sustainable programmes for small-scale poultry production. It will be of practical value to those keeping or planning to keep poultry and as a valuable technical reference for poultry specialists, researchers, students and those interested in broader rural development issues.

Handbook on small-scale freshwater fish farming (FAO, 1994)
The handbook is intended for extension workers, technicians and teachers, to help them in presenting their knowledge of freshwater fish farming to small-scale farmers. The simple English employed in the text lends itself to easy translation into other languages, while the diagrams can be easily reproduced or enlarged for screen projection. The handbook ends with a set of questions that could be used to test the comprehension of trainees.

Guidelines for small-scale fruit and vegetable processors (FAO, 1997)
This book is intended to assist planners and field workers who are involved in the promotion of small-scale fruit and vegetable processing in developing countries. It sets out the different reasons why food processing may be important for improved nutrition and food security, for employment and income generation. It notes the different approaches to project development that are needed to meet one or more of these objectives.
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