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From the FAO newsroom
 From the FAO newsroom

 12 May 2006  Education for rural people in the Caribbean - From elitism to equality
 9 May 2006 Literacy and education in fishing communities - Improvements will boost livelihoods and environmental conservation
 1 Dec 2005 Schools for life: training HIV/AIDS orphans in sub-Saharan Africa - Fighting hunger and poverty with farming know-how and life skills
 28 Nov 2005 Failure to educate children perpetuates hunger and poverty - More investments needed in rural areas
 22 Nov 2005 Better nutrition education helps reduce malnutrition - FAO nutrition materials educate people to make healthy food choices
 17 Oct 2005 FAO and Brazil collaborate to promote school nutrition and food security - Other developing countries to benefit
 9 Sept 2005 Ministers agree to make education in rural areas a top priority - Education for rural people essential for the achievement of the MDGs
 6 Sept 2005 Education for the rural poor is crucial in Africa - Ministerial meeting opens in Addis Ababa this week
 30 Jun 2005 School Gardens: education and nutrition go together - Support by farmers and parents is essential
 15 Jun 2005 Education for rural people, a crucial step towards the Millennium Goals - Identifying the needs of rural communities is essential
 26 Apr 2005 Educating rural people is essential for achieving the Millennium Goals - A new online education tool kit on agriculture, forestry and fisheries
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