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A01Agriculture - General aspects
A50Agricultural research
BGeography and history
CEducation, extension, and advisory work
C30Documentation and information
DAdministration and legislation
D10Public administration
EEconomics, development, and rural sociology
E10Agricultural economics and policies
E11Land economics and policies
E12Labour and employment
E13Investment, finance and credit
E14Development economics and policies
E16Production economics
E20Organization, administration and management of agricultural enterprises or farms
E50Rural sociology
E51Rural population
E70Trade, marketing and distribution
E71International trade
E72Domestic trade
E73Consumer economics
E80Home economics, industries and crafts
E90Agrarian structure
FPlant production
F01Crop husbandry
F02Plant propagation
F03Seed production
F07Soil cultivation
F08Cropping patterns and systems
F30Plant genetics and breeding
F40Plant ecology
F50Plant structure
F60Plant physiology and biochemistry
F61Plant physiology - Nutrition
F62Plant physiology - Growth and development
F63Plant physiology - Reproduction
F70Plant taxonomy and geography
HProtection of plants and stored products
H01Protection of plants - General aspects
H10Pests of plants
H20Plant diseases
H50Miscellaneous plant disorders
JHandling, transport, storage and protection of agricultural products
J10Handling, transport, storage and protection of agricultural products
J11Handling, transport, storage and protection of plant products
J12Handling, transport, storage and protection of forest products
J13Handling, transport, storage and protection of animal products
J14Handling, transport, storage and protection of fisheries and aquacultural products
J15Handling, transport, storage and protection of non-food or non-feed agricultural products
K01Forestry - General aspects
K10Forestry production
K11Forest engineering
K50Processing of forest products
K70Forest injuries and protection
LAnimal production
L01Animal husbandry
L02Animal feeding
L10Animal genetics and breeding
L20Animal ecology
L40Animal structure
L50Animal physiology and biochemistry
L51Animal physiology - Nutrition
L52Animal physiology - Growth and development
L53Animal physiology - Reproduction
L60Animal taxonomy and geography
L70Veterinary science and hygiene
L72Pests of animals
L73Animal diseases
L74Miscellaneous animal disorders
MAquatic sciences and fisheries
M01Fisheries and aquaculture - General aspects
M11Fisheries production
M12Aquaculture production and management
M40Aquatic ecology
NMachinery and buildings
N01Agricultural engineering
N02Farm layout
N10Agricultural structures
N20Agricultural machinery and equipment
PNatural resources
P01Nature conservation and land resources
P05Energy resources and management
P06Renewable energy resources
P07Non-renewable energy resources
P10Water resources and management
P30Soil science and management
P31Soil surveys and mapping
P32Soil classification and genesis
P33Soil chemistry and physics
P34Soil biology
P35Soil fertility
P36Soil erosion, conservation and reclamation
P40Meteorology and climatology
QFood science
Q01Food science and technology
Q02Food processing and preservation
Q03Food contamination and toxicology
Q04Food composition
Q05Food additives
Q51Feed technology
Q52Feed processing and preservation
Q53Feed contamination and toxicology
Q54Feed composition
Q55Feed additives
Q60Processing of non-food or non-feed agricultural products
Q70Processing of agricultural wastes
SHuman nutrition
S01Human nutrition - General aspects
S20Physiology of human nutrition
S30Diet and diet-related diseases
S40Nutrition programmes
T10Occupational diseases and hazards
UAuxiliary disciplines
U10Mathematical and statistical methods
U30Research methods
U40Surveying methods