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November 2001
Updated May 2002

The National Communication Policy in Burkina Faso

Announcement of publication

Extension, Education and Communication Service,
Research, Extension and Training Division
FAO, Rome, 2001

This publication is part of a series on national communication strategies and policies, carried out and published by the Extension, Education and Communication Service of FAO. It is the fifth publication of the series, following earlier studies on Mali, Guinea-Bissau, Republic of Central Africa and Cape-Verde.

The publication on Burkina Faso consists of two (2) volumes:

The first volume briefly presents the status of communication in Burkina Faso, based on thematic surveys on information and communication for development; the situation, technologies and infrastructures of the public and private press, radio and television; telecommunications; new information and communication technologies; the legal and institutional context of communication; local and traditional communication tools. The current status of communication for development in Burkina has a great deal of potential but also faces many constraints.

In order to better describe the situation of communication for development in Burkina Faso, the survey summary is complimented by a summary of the regional dialogues and meetings, that took place between October 1999 and June 2000. These meetings were an opportunity for rural communities, officials, NGOs and farming organisations to express their needs regarding information and communication, and to give their views on the communication policy.

Thus, the first volume allows the reader to understand the existence of a communication policy and the second volume presents the conceptual context of communication for development policy in Burkina Faso and defines its justification, objectives and action plans.

(Only available in French)

Click here to see the full publication in French: Volume I and Volume II

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