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August 2002

Announcement of a new study

The Role of Energy in Sustainable Development:
Rio, Johannesburg and beyond

a special focus on rural areas

by Grazia Piana
Environment and Natural Resources Service
FAO Research, Extension and Training Division

The study, prepared by Ms Grazia Piana, a Volunteer in Environment and Natural Resources Service, is a contribution to the ongoing discussions at the international level on sustainable development and, in particular, to the linkages between energy, agriculture, climate change and sustainable agriculture and rural development - SARD. The study was supervised by Dr Gustavo Best, Senior Energy Coordinator.

The study presents the framework and elements of a new approach in this field, based on a people-centered strategy. It pulls together key issues, thoughts and proposals that have arisen from the various international fora on energy, climate change and agriculture and provides a new platform for an integrated focus.

The full study will be available in a few weeks time, after necessary peers review, but it was considered useful to issue its main findings before the World Summit on Sustainable Development which will take place in Johannesburg in August/September 2002.

We thank Ms Piana for this excellent contribution.

Click here to go to the full article.

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