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December 2002

TCP/ROM/2801: Land cover/land use inventory by remote sensing for agricultural reform in Romania

Since the Romanian revolution of 1989, the rapid shift to a market economy has meant significant changes in all areas of society, including the agricultural sector. The transformation of agricultural structures which has occurred means that the former cadastre must be completely updated and that current information on agricultural production is incomplete.

To properly revitalize the agriculture sector, the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture urgently needs updated and accurate information on the land cover/land use of the country. The Ministry of Agriculture requested that FAO assist it in generating the needed database on land cover/land use for the entire country and in transferring the appropriate technologies.The resulting project is "TCP/ROM/2801: Land cover/land use inventory by remote sensing for agricultural reform".

The immediate objectives of the project are:

  1. To provide the Ministry of Agriculture with an objective and accurate database on the present land cover of the whole country, including detailed land cover/ land use maps and also larger scale information for areas of particular agricultural interest.

  2. To strengthen the capacity of the remote sensing group of the Romanian Centre for Remote Sensing Applications in Agriculture (CRUTA) and other staff from the Ministry of Agriculture to apply internationally recognised methodologies on land cover/land use mapping by satellite remote sensing and GIS (Global Information Systems) technologies
  3. .

  4. To transfer the know-how and practical application of high resolution optical remote sensing, GIS based methodologies and LCCS (Land Cover Classification System) to the staff assigned to project through formal and on-the-job training.

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