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February 2003

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Launching a new flagship on education for rural people

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The Sustainable Development Department of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) are inviting member countries, United Nations agencies and civil society to join in the establishment of a new partnership on Education for Rural People.

The initiative seeks to address rural-urban disparities, which are a serious concern to governments and the international community as a whole. About 70 per cent of the poor live in rural areas. Despite the fact that education is a basic right in itself and an essential prerequisite for reducing poverty, improving the living conditions of rural people and building a food-secure world, children's access to education in rural areas is still much lower than in urban areas, adult illiteracy is much higher and the quality of education is poorer.

In this regard, FAO and UNESCO are joining efforts in the establishment of a new flagship within the Education for All (EFA) initiative with a focus on Education for rural people. The flagship is a call for collaborative action to increase the coordination of efforts targeting the educational needs of rural people. The partnership is open to members committed to working separately and together to promote and facilitate quality basic Education for rural people.


The flagship's objectives are to:

For more information, the concept paper Targeting the rural poor: the role of education and training (March 2002, can be consulted.


At the national level

At the international level


The new FAO/UNESCO flagship was officially launched at a side event during the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa, 3 September 2002.

The following are some examples of other international events presenting the flagship:

Members of the flagship programme

    International Organizations and Governments

  1. FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations,
  2. UNESCO - United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization
  3. ICRAF - World Agroforestry Centre
  4. IPGRI, International Plant Genetic Resources Institute
  5. WFP - World Food Programme
  6. CIAT - International Center for Tropical Agriculture
  7. Commonwealth Secretariat, United Kingdom
  8. USAID, United States Agency for International Development, USA
    (contact: Mr. J. D. Hatch)
  9. ADEA, Association for the Development of Education in Africa, France
    (contact: Mr. Mamandou Ndoye) Email:
  10. DGCS - Italian Directorate General for Cooperation
    (contact: Mr Raffaele de Benedictis) Email:
  11. ETF – European Training Foundation, Italy
    (contact: Claire Morel for central Asia and Barbara Paya for Eastern Europe)
  12. The Government of Egypt
  13. The Government of San Marino

  14. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), foundations and others

  15. Terre des hommes, Italia   
  16. CELIM - Centro Laici Italiani per le missioni,Italy
  17. ACRA - Associazione di Cooperazione Rurale in Africa e America Latina, Italy
  18. UCSEI - Ufficio centrale Studenti Esteri in Italia, Italy
  19. CISP - Comitato Internazionale per lo sviluppo dei popoli, Italy
  20. OPAM - Opera di Promozione dell Alfabetizzazione nel Mondo, Italy
  21. ISCOS - Istituto Sindacale per la Cooperazione con i Paesi in via di sviluppo, Italy
  22. AIFO - Associazione Italiana Amici di Raoul Follereau, Italy
  23. FOCSIV - Federazione Organismi Cristiani Servizio Internazionale Volontario, Italy
  24. CTM - Controinformazione Terzo Mondo, Italy
  25. C.V.C.S - Centro Volontari Cooperazione allo Sviluppo, Italy
  26. CIDE - Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo de la Ecucación, Chile
  27. EDC - Education Development Center Inc, USA
  28. Universidad Nacional de Salta, Argentina
  29. Social Development Forum 2000, Pakistan
  30. FOCA - Fundação Oásis Cidade Aberta, Brazil
  31. Association SAHEL DEFIS, Bamako, Mali (contact Seydou Sanou)
  32. APEAN - Asia and Pacific Association of Educators in Agriculture Education and Environment, Thailand
  33. ONGDERPREA, Cameroun
  34. BUNYAD, Lahore, Pakistan
  35. APPEAL - Pacific Programme for Education for All
  36. RSPN - Rural Support Programmes Network, Pakistan
  37. PASSAGE, The Philippine Association of Agriculture Educators, Philippines
  38. Anamorphose, France
  39. ZOE - Center for Rural Heritage Preservation from Zagreb, Croatia
  40. Iowa State University, USA
  41. LABE, Literacy and Adult Basic Education, Uganda
  42. FEC - Fundação Evangelização e Culturas (contact person Catarina Lopes)
  43. ESE - Escola Superior de Educação, Portugal (contact Júlio Gonçalves dos Santos)
  44. PRWSWO - Secretary General. Pakistan Rural Workers Social Welfare Organization (contact SABIR FARHAT)
  45. Learning Channel, India (contact: Geeta Sharma)
  46. Aasthan Latif Welfare Society, Pakistan (contact: Riaz A.Memon)
  47. Fantsuam Foundation, Nigeria (contact: Mr R. Tariya Yusuf)
  48. CCID - Community Colleges for International Development, Inc, USA (contact: Mr. John Halder)
  49. INRULED - International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education, China (contact: Dr. Zhai Haihun and Mr. Fuzeng Yu);
  50. Caldas Coffee Growers Association (contact: Pablo Jaramillo), Colombia
  51. FNCC, Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia (contact: Alfonso A. Uribe).
  52. ARED, Associates in Research & Education for Development, Senegal (contact: De Sonja Fagerberg-Diallo)
  53. ENESAD, France (contact: Mr. Alain Jaze)
  54. Nelson Mandela Foundation (contact: Ms Merlyn Van Voore) Email:
  55. SMART - Association for Civil Society Development, (contact: Sladana Novota)
  56. Fundación Manuel Mejia, Colombia (contact: R. Gómez) Email:
  57. Global Connection, UK (contact C. Alkanaan) Email:
  58. Global Connection, Zanzibar (contact C. Alkanaan) Email:


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