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October 2002

Announcement of a new publication

Success Case Replication

A Manual for Increasing Farmer Household Income - By Mobilizing Successful Farmers and Groups to Train Their Peers

A publication of the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

The philosophy behind Success Case Replication is that among the rural poor are farmers and groups that have achieved a remarkable level of success at their occupations, whether in agriculture, animal husbandry, micro-enterprises or management of participatory groups or cooperatives. In achieving such success, they have gained valuable experience overcoming varied constraints. In a manner of speaking, they have become experts in their chosen field. These successful people have much to teach their peers and, because they are fully familiar with local language, customs and markets, they can become effective instructors.

The more successful a farmer becomes in enterprise development, the more he/she is subject to envy on the part of less successful neighbours. Success Case Replication methodology tries to respond to such a situation by turning the success model into a teacher of community peers. In most rural societies, the teacher is highly respected, and trainees will often feel indebted to the teacher for the lessons taught. In this way, Success Case Replication transforms envy into respect by enabling successful persons to play a more constructive role within the community.

Regarding farmer trainees, we find that the poor are already motivated to learn skills and secrets held by their more successful peers but are fearful of requesting such training due to social inhibitions and market barriers. Through Success Case Replication their desire to imitate such local successes can facilitate their learning in structured training situations. Similarly, most poor parents are highly motivated to provide a better life for their children. Their desire will help motivate them to learn from more successful peers when training is offered. Success Case Replication harnesses both desires to motivate the poor to muster the effort and energy necessary to replicate the success.

Click here to see the full publication.

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