FAO Project TCP/ROM/2801 (A) 
Project Background

Picture taken during the visit
of the Ms. Soknan Han Jung,
United Nations
Resident Coordinator
and UNDP Resident






Members of the
National Staff



Title of the project:
Land Cover/Land Use Inventory by Remote Sensing for the Agricultural Reform

The Project started on May 2002 and it is expected to end after 18 months.

Project Staff:
The people involved in the FAO TCP/ROM/2801 Project come from different institutions.

  • FAO Technical Officer: Carlo TRAVAGLIA, SRDN
  • National Project Director: Alexandru BADEA, CRUTA/ROSA
  • TCCT Consultant: Pavel MILENOV, Bulgarian Space Agency
  • National Consultant: To be recruited
  • National Staff:
    • Cristina RADNEA, ICPA
    • Diana TURNEA, ICPA
    • Liliana MITRACHE, ROSA
    • Cezar GHERASIM, USH
    • Nicolae CRUCERU, USH
    • Alexandra BURDUSA, CRUTA
    • Ana URSANU, IG
    • Dana DRAGNE, IG
    • Radu MATEI, MoAFF
    • Dan NITU, MoAFF
    • Mihaela SERBAN, IG
    • Mihai MICU, IG
    • Gabriela BORTO, IG
  • Technical Support:
    • Cosmin NISTOR, ROSA
    • Irina MANCIU, ROSA
  • Involved organizations:
    • MoAFF - Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (beneficiary)
    • ROSA - Romanian Space Agency (implementing organization)
    • CRUTA - Romanian Centre for Remote Sensing Apply in Agriculture (technical coordinator)
    • ICPA - Research Institute for Soils Science and Agrochemestry (operator)
    • IG - Institute of Geography, Romanian Academy (operator)
    • USH - "Spiru Haret" University, Faculty of Geography (operator)

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