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May 2003

Announcement of a new publication

Towards a GIS-based analysis of mountain environments and populations

Environment and Natural Resources Working paper no. 10

This report presents the results of work in progress. It applies Geographical Information System (GIS) techniques and newly available geo-referenced data to understand conditions underlying poverty and hunger in the world, with special reference to mountain environments and populations. Following the system developed by the United Nations Environment Programme - World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) in 2000 for classifying mountain areas, hilly as well as high mountain areas are covered by the analysis. New data about global population density from the LandScan 2000 map have made it possible to estimate population figures for each mountain area class, as well as for other parameters about agricultural land use, farming systems, environmental constraints, and yields per person that contribute to the estimation of the number of vulnerable mountain people.

For a copy of the publication, please contact:
GIS Manager
Environment and Natural Resources Service, FAO
fax: (39)0657053369

Click here to view the full publication (249 KB) or here for the executive summary.

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