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June 2003

Announcement of a new publication

Multilingual land tenure thesaurus

The English and Spanish-language versions of the "Multilingual land tenure thesaurus" is now available on-line. They are the result of an adaptation of the French version published in 1999. It is important to note that the versions are adapted and not simply translated, since terms which are translated literally often do not reflect the perceived reality of a different linguistic context. The revised French version and the English version will soon be available.

This thesaurus is intended to offer readers a dictionary of land terms. However, this publication is more than a simple dictionary which provides literal translations and succinct definitions. For each term, the authors have attempted to introduce new elements for better understanding of the terms, demonstrating different uses in specific contexts and illustrating the use of the terms with concrete examples.

This publication has two broad objectives. First, this thesaurus is expected to contribute to the ongoing analysis in the field of land tenure. At the same time, it serves as a useful tool for beginners in this field, especially for students or researchers from other fields.

The thesaurus is not exhaustive. Land tenure is a vast theme, interdisciplinary in nature, which encompasses various topics, including law, geography, agronomy, sociology, economy and marketing.

(Also available in Spanish)

Click here to see the publication in pdf format (198 KB).

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