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October 2003

First Meeting of the "Adelboden Group" on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development in Mountain Regions (SARD-M)

FAO Headquarters
Rome, Italy
11-12 September 2003

The First Meeting of the "Adelboden Group" on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development in Mountain Regions (SARD-M) took place at FAO Headquarters on 11-12 September 2003. The meeting was organized by FAO's Rural Institutions and Participation Service, with support from the Swiss Government, in the framework of the follow-up to the Adelboden International Conference on SARD-M held in Switzerland in June 2002. The aim of the first gathering of the Adelboden Group, which was created at the end of this Conference, was to jointly formulate, through a participatory process involving governments, international organizations and civil society groups, a four-year project proposal on SARD-M to be submitted for funding to governmental, international and private donors.

The 58 participants, representing 15 governments, 11 civil society groups and 5 international organizations, discussed and approved the objectives, outputs and activities of the SARD-M project proposal. The long-term objective of the project has been defined as to "facilitate the improved formulation, review, implementation and evaluation of SARD policies for mountain regions at national, decentralized and community levels, taking into account global, regional and trans-boundary contexts and linkages, in order to enhance livelihoods in mountain regions". The coordination and potential synergies with other projects and initiatives relating to SARD (chapter 14 of the comprehensive environmental plan of action "Agenda 21") and Sustainable Mountain Development (Chapter 13 of Agenda 21) have also been examined. Following the contributions and recommendations of the Adelboden Group, FAO is currently finalizing a project document on SARD-M.

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