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Posted July 1996

Regional Wood Energy Development Programme in Asia

Sub-regional Training Course on Women in Wood Energy Development

27 November to 1 December 1995
Bangkok, Thailand

See also: "Policy Statement on Gender and Wood Energy"


The Sub-regional Training Course on Women and Wood Energy Development, which took place at FAO/RAPA, Bangkok, from 27 November to 1 December 1995, was organised by the RWEDP. Training course participants were invited from the RWEDP-member countries in South Asia: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The course was meant for higher and middle-level staff from institutions and departments connected with wood energy planning, policies and strategies. Participants were from the forestry sector, energy sector, teaching institutes and NGOs, linking to the implementer level of projects and programmes. Two-thirds of the participants were women.

The Training Course was a follow-up to the Regional Expert Consultation on Gender and Wood Energy in Asia held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in June 1995. At this Consultation the following RWEDP Policy Statement was discussed and endorsed by the participants.

The training course


It was with this background that the Training Course was conducted. The general objective was to familiarise trainees with the use of gender analytic tools and review and assess their appropriateness. The specific objective was to provide trainees with the means to select, modify or design operational procedures to ensure that gender issues are covered in project design, appraisal, implantation and evaluation processes.


The main subjects covered in the course programme (all with respect to wood energy) were:

Along with expert inputs from the resource persons there were a number of case studies which the participants analyzed as a group exercise. A number of videos were also shown to the participants.

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