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Posted November 1997

FAO activities: Cooperation with other organizations

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CLOSE COOPERATION on relevant remote sensing activities has been established and should be further strengthened, in particular with UN Economic and Social Commissions, i.e. ESCAP and ECA; with the World Bank, UNEP, UNESCO, WMO, UNITAR, UNDP and WFP. Projects are already funded by UNDCP for illicit crop cultivation; a Memorandum of Understanding is ready with IFAD. Excellent cooperation has continued with ESA for ERS-1 applications and in the future, ENVISAT. Joint FAO/ESA Workshops for decision-makers are planned for 1997. Cooperation with the EU Joint Research Centre (JRC, Ispra) on remote sensing in forestry and agriculture will continue more closely. FAO is an affiliate member of CEOS (Committee on Earth Observation Satellites) and a member of the International Users Committee for SPOT-4 Vegetation.

FAO cooperates very closely with ICSU, UNESCO, UNEP and WMO on the development of the Global Terrestrial Observing System (GTOS), including coordination with GCOS and GOOS which are sponsored by the same agencies.

Official meetings were held in Brussels with the EU in order to try to define common projects (Central and Eastern European countries and African countries).

Cooperation continues with the Government of the Netherlands (ARTEMIS, RESPAS); Italy for the Nile River Basin countries and East African countries for land cover (AFRICOVER) and for workshops for decision-makers; the Government of Germany on joint training courses for forestry applications in South-East Asia; the Government of Belgium for agrometeorology, locust control and workshops; the Government of France for technology transfer, early warning in East Africa and AFRICOVER. Cooperation also continues with regional remote sensing centres.

FAO has also contributed to the Vienna seminar organized by EURISY on 5-6 December 1995 on "Earth observation by satellite, an opportunity for mankind in the 21st Century". FAO was Chairman of the programme committee of the EURISY Colloquium held in Madrid, May 1995 "Space technology and remote sensing techniques for sustainable development in and around the Mediterranean" and has contributed successfully to the programme committee of MARISY 1995.

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