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Posted December 1999

Agromet-L: FAO-WMO Agrometeorology Internet Conference

This e-mail conference, sponsored by FAO and the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) aims at helping the agrometeorological community to exchange news, data and know-how, and to discuss operational problems. The sponsors hope it will also facilitate contacts between continents, and, in particular, between developed and developing countries. The list is unmoderated, as this provides a much less formal discussion environment and allows easier access than moderated lists. In the future - depending on the subjects discussed, the number of participants, their geographic origin, etc - the list may be split into more areas, subjects and languages. You are encouraged to publicise this list and to use the list to publicise your agrometeorological and agroclimatological activities.

For further information of Agromet-L, contact: R. Gommes, Agrometeorology Co-ordinator, FAO Environment and Natural Resources Service (SDRN), Rome (e-mail:

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