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Global climate maps

Downloading the digital climate maps, technical data and Windisp

FAO's Environment and Natural Resources Service (SDRN) is providing a series of 53 global climate maps in geo-referenced digital format for free downloading. The data may be displayed and analysed using program WinDisp (for Windows), which is also available from FAO's Global Information and Early Warning System (GIEWS).

1. Georeferenced maps (1.5MB)
Includes data sets for biomass, rainfall, sunshine fraction, temperature and Koeppen climate classification, with colour palletes and 'read me'

2. Windisp Version 4.0 (2.02MB)
Contains sample satellite images, maps and color tables. Download also Windisp manual (Word 97 or PDF). For detailed information on Windisp, see GIEWS/Software

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