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Posted June 1997

Foreword and Table of Contents

Directory of Agricultural Education and Training Institutions in Central and Eastern Europe

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Rome, 1997


One of the roles of FAO is to serve as a clearing house for information on agricultural education and training and to facilitate the dissemination of information among member states. This helps to enable each country to more clearly identify the immense variety of skills and facilities that exist on a global basis. FAO, through its Agricultural Extension and Education Service, is producing a series of regional Directories of Agricultural Education and Training Institutions . These directories are being used by governments, international institutions and aid organizations throughout the world in planning their exchange programmes, fellowships and technical assistance projects.

For any directory to be of value, it is important that the information be as complete and up-to-date as possible. This volume includes a brief description and enrolment figures for 127 institutions from 15 countries in Eastern and Central Europe. Companion volumes covering institutions where agriculture is taught in Anglophone Africa, Francophone Africa, and Latin America are currently being prepared. An updating process will attempt to deal with necessary revisions and missing data in due course. Annex Three shows disaggregated data on male and female enrolment in intermediate and higher level institutions where agriculture is taught.

The information gathered is stored in a computerized data base that will be periodically updated. Institutions wishing to update or amend the content of this publication can do so by sending information to the Chief of the Agricultural Extension and Education Service; Research, Extension and Training Division; Sustainable Development Department, FAO, 00100 Rome, Italy. A directory of this nature is intended to be a dynamic document subject to the needs of the reader and the institutions from which the information comes. Comments and suggestions are welcome. The intention is that the information presented in this printed volume will soon be available from FAO through the Internet World Wide Web.

Recognition and thanks are gratefully extended to Dr. Jan Gorécki, Rector, and Dr. Mieczyslaw Rygalski, Economics Department, of the Warsaw Agricultural University for their work in collecting the data. Thanks also goes to Úna Murray who did the bulk of the work in preparing and updating the directory for publication.

This publication, an initiative of the Agricultural Extension, Education and Communication Service (SDRE), was prepared under the professional leadership of Dr. W. I. Lindley, Senior Officer for Agricultural Education.



ALB 101 Agricultural University - Tirana

Belarus Republic

BEL 701 Belarusssian Agricultural Academy
BEL 702 Belarussian Technology Institute - Minsk
BEL 703 Belarussian Agro-Technical University - Minsk
BEL 704 Grodno Agricultural Institute
BEL 705 Vitebsk Veterinary Institute


BUL 102 University of Agriculture - Plovdiv
BUL 103 Higher Institute of Zootechnics & Veterinary Medicine


CRO 201 University of Zagreb
CRO 202 Agricultural College Kri'evci
CRO 203 University of Osijek

Czech Republic

CZE 401 University of Agriculture - Prague
CZE 402 University of Agriculture - Brno
CZE 403 University of Veterinary & Pharmaceutical Sciences
CZE 404 The South Bohemia University


EST 801 Estonian Agricultural University


HUN 301 Gödöllö University of Agricultural Sciences
HUN 302 Debrecen University of Agricultural Sciences
HUN 303 Pannon University of Agricultural Sciences
HUN 304 University of Veterinary Sciences, Budapest 1
HUN 305 University of Horticulture & Food Industry Budapest 2
HUN 306 University of Foresty & Wood Sciences - Sopron


LAT 802 University of Agriculture - Latvia


LIT 803 Lithuanian Agricultural University
LIT 804 Lithuanian Veterinary Academy
LIT 805 Klaipodos Higher School of Agriculture
LIT 806 Marijampoles Higher School of Agriculture
LIT 807 Kauno Higher School of Agriculture
LIT 808 Smalininku Higher School of Agriculture
LIT 809 Seduvos Higher School of Agriculture
LIT 810 Ukmerges Higher School of Agriculture
LIT 811 Joniskelio Higher School of Agriculture
LIT 812 Rietavo Higher School of Agriculture
LIT 813 Kretingos Higher School of Agriculture

Moldova Republic

MOL 601 Moldova State Agricultural University
MOL 602 Tsual Agricultural College
MOL 603 Kishinev National College of Viticulture and Wine-Making
MOL 604 Grinautsi Agroindustrial College
MOL 605 Brautusheni Animal Husbandry College
MOL 606 Kamenka Agrarian College
MOL 607 Kahul Agrontechnical College
MOL 608 Karmanova College of Veterinary Medicine
MOL 609 Gysca College of Agricultural Economics
MOL 610 Ryshkani Agricultural College
MOL 611 Svetly Agrotechnical College
MOL 612 Soroka Agrotechnical College
MOL 613 Tiraspol Agrotechnical College
MOL 614 Tiraspol Agro-industrial College


POL 501 Warsaw Agricultural University
POL 502 Olsztyn University of Agriculture
POL 503 Agricultural University of Kraców
POL 504 Agricultural University of Poznan
POL 505 Agricultural University of Wroclaw
POL 506 Academy of Agriculture - Szczecin
POL 507 Lublin Agricultural University
POL 508 Academy of Technology and Agriculture - Bydgoszcz
POL 509 Agriculture and Teacher's University- Siedlce


ROM 104 University of Agricultural Sciences - Bucharest
ROM 105 University of Agricultural Sciences - Cluj-Napoca
ROM 106 University of Agricultural Sciences - Timisoara
ROM 107 University of Craiova (Agriculture & Horticulture)

Russian Federation

RUS 901 Altai Agricultural Institute
RUS 902 All-Russian Agricultural Institute of Tuition by Correspondence
RUS 903 Azovo - Chernomorsk Institute of Agricultural Mechanization
RUS 904 Bashkiriya Agricultural Institute
RUS 905 Belgorod Agricultural Institute
RUS 906 Bryansk Agricultural Institute
RUS 907 Buryat Agrarian Institute
RUS 908 Chelyabinsk State Agro-Engineering University
RUS 909 Cubania State Agrarian University
RUS 910 Chyvash Agrarian Institute
RUS 911 Dagestan Agricultural Institute
RUS 912 Don State Agrarian University
RUS 913 Far East State Agrarian University
RUS 914 Gorky State Agrarian University
RUS 915 Irkutsk Agricultural Institute
RUS 916 Ivanovo Agricultural Institute
RUS 917 Izevsk Agricultural Institute
RUS 918 Jaroslavl Agrarian Institute
RUS 919 Jurals Agrarian Institute
RUS 920 Kabardinian Balkar Agrarian Institute
RUS 921 Kazan State Veterinary Institute
RUS 922 Kazan Agricultural Institute
RUS 923 Kirov Agricultural Institute
RUS 924 Kostroma Agricultural Institute - Karavayevo
RUS 925 Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian Institute
RUS 926 Kurgan Agricultural Institute
RUS 927 Kursk Agricultural Institute
RUS 928 Michurin Vegetable and Fruit Growing Institute
RUS 929 Moscow Skryabin Veterinary Academy
RUS 930 Moscow Timiryasev Agricultural Academy
RUS 931 Moscow Hydromelioration Institute
RUS 932 Moscow State AgroEngineering University
RUS 933 Moscow University of Land Management Engineers
RUS 934 Nizniy Novgorod Agrarian Institute
RUS 935 Novgorod Agricultural Institute
RUS 936 Novosibirsk State Agrarian Institute
RUS 937 Novocherkassk Institute of Engineering Melioration
RUS 938 Omsk State Veterinary Institute
RUS 939 Omsk Agricultural Institute
RUS 940 Orenburg Agricultural Institute
RUS 941 Oryol Agrarian Institute
RUS 942 Penza Agrarian Institute
RUS 943 Perm Agrarian Institute
RUS 944 Primorsk Agricultural Institute
RUS 945 Ryazan Agricultural Institute
RUS 946 St. Petersburg Veterinary Institute
RUS 947 St. Petersburg State Agrarian University
RUS 948 Samara Agricultural Institute
RUS 949 Saratov State Zootechnology & Veterinary Institute
RUS 950 Saratov Institute of Agricultural Mechanization
RUS 951 Saratov Agrarian Institute
RUS 952 Smolensk Agrarian Institute
RUS 953 Stavropol Agrarian Institute
RUS 954 Tjumen Agrarian Institute
RUS 955 Troitzk Veterinary Institute
RUS 956 Tver Agrarian Institute
RUS 957 Uljanovsk Agrarian Institute
RUS 958 Velikiye Luki Agricultural Institute
RUS 959 Volgograd Agricultural Institute
RUS 960 Vologda Dairy Institute
RUS 961 Voronez State Agrarian University
RUS 962 Yakut Agricultural Institute

Slovak Republic

SLK 405 The University of Agriculture - Nitra
SLK 406 Technical University - Zvolen
SLK 407 University of Veterinary - Kosice
SLK 408 Slovak Technical University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


SLV 204 University of Ljubljana - BioTechnical Faculty


Annex 1: University of Zagreb, Croatia (CRO 201)
Annex 2: Estonian Agricultural University (EST 801)
Annex 3: Disaggregated Data on Male and Female Enrolmentment
Where Agriculture is Taught in Central and Eastern European Countries

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