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Updated November 1999

E-mail conference
24 September-11 November 1998

Small Farmer Group Associations:
Bringing the poor together


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THE FAO E-mail Conference on Small Farmer Group Associations (SFGAs) was held between 24 September and 11 November 1998. The aim was to stimulate discussion on the rationale for and modalities of forming such SFGAs, defined for the purposes of the conference as an

informal, voluntary and self-governing association of small farmer groups (SFGs), formed at local level, for the purpose of economic cooperation aimed at improving the economic and social conditions of its affiliated individual members. Typically, an SFGA involves 5 to 10 groups, serving 25 to 150 individual members, with geographic scope varying from a village to a cluster of neighbouring villages or hamlet,
and to identify the factors contributing to or hindering successful SFGA establishment and sustainability.

The starting point for discussion was a Theme Paper prepared by FAO and set out in the form of 27 Questions addressing what were considered to be key parameters of SFGA initiation, establishment and consolidation.

There were over 400 persons on the list of participants, of whom over 60 made interventions. In all, there were 112 interventions, plus some additional notes and comments from the Secretariat.

The interventions in this conference are the personal opinions of the participants. Unless otherwise specifically noted, the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the participantsí affiliated organizations.

Thorgeir Lawrence
SFGA Conference Moderator

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