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Updated November 1999

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The group enterprise book

A practical guide for group promoters to assist groups in setting up and running successful small enterprises

EMPLOYMENT opportunities are usually very limited in rural areas. Self employment in small enterprises can make it possible to generate the income to satisfy needs and improve the standards of living. This book shows in simple illustrated steps how small enterprises can be developed and run by small groups in rural communities using a participative approach. It is intended for use by group promoters (or GPs), extension workers and other rural development staff to help existing groups to set up and run their enterprises. Formation of the groups themselves is covered in "The Group Promoter's Resource Book" - also available from FAO.

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"The group enterprise book"
FAO, 1995
Entire document
Part one (825K)
Part two (849K)
Part three (674K)
Part four (761K)

FAO, 1998
Entire document
Part one (2MB)
Part two (797K)
Part three (1.6MB)
Part four (378K)
"Conseils pour la réussite
d'une petite ou micro-entreprise de groupe"
FAO, 1998
Document entier
Première partie (1.35MB)
Deuxième partie (920K)
Troisième partie (928K)
Quatrième partie (490K)
"Guía para el desarrollo
de empresas grupales"
FAO, 1997
Documento entero
Parte 1 (1.3MB)
Parte 2 (920K)
Parte 3 (928K)
Parte 4 (490K)

For a printed copy of the publication, contact:
John Rouse
Viale delle Terme di Carcalla
00100 Rome, Italy

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