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Posted September 2000

Mushroom production training for disabled people: a progress report

Objectives of the project



Objectives of the project

The training center

Why mushrooms?

The project team

Training of trainers

Selecting trainees

The training

Buildings, tools and equipment

Outreach and impacts

Feasibility, sustainability, replicability

Selected success cases

Conclusions and recommendations

Annex 1: Layout of mushroom cultivation center

Annex 2: Buildings and equipment

Annex 3: Main steps in mushroom cultivation

Annex 4: Contributors to the project's success

To reach economic self-reliance

The main objective of the project was for rural disabled people to reach economic self-reliance as entrepreneurs through income generation. This was to be done through a training program on mushroom production, the promotion of mushroom cultivation, its processing and marketing among groups of rural disabled people. Training included all activities related to mushroom cultivation from fruiting to drying, processing, packaging and marketing. Entrepreneurial skills were also to be included in the training.

The result would be that through self-sufficiency, the burden of disability on family members, society and government would be alleviated.

To strengthen capability for training

Another objective was the strengthening of capability for training rural disabled and farmers with disabilities. FAO assisted the Thai government, through its collaboration with the Department of Public Welfare, in capacitating the local institution for reaching rural poor people with disabilities and offering them an opportunity to become self-sufficient through agriculture related activities.

Tools, such as special selection and training methodologies, were developed towards sustainability of new enterprises and future replication of the project.

To reach equal participation

Finally, people with disabilities should have equal participation in social and economic development at family and community level. It is often easy to see a person's disability but much more difficult to see their ability. People with disabilities need to be given the opportunity to show their capability.

Training in horticulture and agriculture sectors, more specifically in mushroom cultivation, can show that they are able to learn about mushroom production, capable of running a sustainable mushroom production farm and generate sufficient income that will make them self-reliant. As successful entrepreneurs, they will be recognized as full participants in society and become active members of their family and community.

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