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Posted September 2000

Mushroom production training for disabled people: a progress report

Annex 4: Names of people who have contributed to the success of the project

National Advisory Committee

  1. Mrs. Surapee Vasinonta (Director Office of the Committee on Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons and Project Manager)

  2. Mr. Vitoon Sungvonsil & Mr. Suchart Meesame (Head of Provincial Public Welfare Ubon Ratchathani office)

  3. Ms. Ratana Thanomsakyuth & Ms. Pussadee Juanphet (Office of the national FAO Committee Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives)

  4. Mr. Charnyut Panutat (Department of Agriculture Extension)

  5. Mr. Sompong Sathirasathapon & Mr. Wicha Sukrason (Superintendent North-Eastern Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled Persons)

  6. Mr. Samon Suksri (Head of Sub-district local Area)

  7. Ms. Sunee Saisupatpon (Head of Vocational Development and Employment Subdivision) Office of the Committee on Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons.

  8. Mr. Somkit Pongpuak & Mr. Opas Pimolvichayakit (Chief of the Planning and Programming Subdivision) Office of the Committee on Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons.

  9. Ms. Suchada Kuanpinij (Social worker level 7)

  10. Mr. Chaiyan Boontin (Public Welfare Officer 6)

  11. Ms. Bupha Pinij (Advisor to Mrs. Surapee Vasinonta)

  12. Mrs. Peamsuk Srikao (Director of Ban Thong Poon Phao Panus Vocational Rehabilitation center of Ubon Ratchathani, Public Welfare)


  1. The National Consultant in Mushroom Production: Mr. Satit Thaithatgoon, a private entrepreneur in mushroom cultivation for over 20 years brought his know-how, experience, and non-traditional approach to the project; from initial design of the buildings to special recipes in mushroom processing. Not only has he helped develop mushroom cultivation techniques; he also developed "love for mushrooms" as a basis for success in mushroom cultivation and related business. His expertise as a businessman helped convert the center into an income-generating center.

  2. The National Consultant in Vocational Training: Mr. Prasert Wuthikhamphee is on loan from the Ministry of Agriculture. He has extensive experience in vocational training for mushroom cultivation and worked in Agriculture Extension programs and land resettlement communities. His understanding of basic needs allowed him to find ways to reach the people, to understand their needs for sustainability, and to train them so they fully understand the problems and solutions associated with mushroom cultivation. He worked closely with trainers to give them the tools necessary to teach disabled trainees.

  3. The National Consultant on Agricultural Marketing: Mr. Pramote Thaithatgoon has been successfully marketing the products of Arunyik Mushroom Center for the past 20 years. These include a wide variety of fresh and processed mushrooms. He further gave training in marketing strategies to both groups of trainees and reviewed the local and regional market and needs.

  4. The International Vocational Training Expert: Ms. Johanne Hanko has over 15 years of experience in education and rehabilitation of people with disabilities. She has solid background in environmental management and business development, offering expertise in developing strategies for the accomplishment of specific tasks. Her main role was to assist in the vocational program training design, planning and evaluation. She also worked as coordinator and established selection guidelines, which are crucial for successful replication of the project through private small enterprise.

Public Welfare (Bangkok helping staff)

Mrs. Rungmanee Tulkitjavong


Public Welfare (Ubon Ratchathanee helping staff)

Mrs. Ngamnit Kieatibut (Clerical administrative Officer 6)

Mr. Ratsamee Saleevan

Ms. Suchada Chaivorasil (Social work 4)

Mrs. Wanprapa Kaewpradit


FAO (Bangkok)

Core Technical Advisory Team

Mr. Wim Polman
Rural Development Officer focussed on human capacity building and institutional sustainability of training programs and replication.

Dr. Alastair Hicks
Senior Agro-Industry and Post Harvest Officer focussed on adapted technologies for production, processing and building infrastructure.

Dr. Narciso R. Deomampo
Senior Farming Systems Development Officer focussed on the marketing and business development.

Management Support Team

Dr. Ram B. Singh
Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific

Mr. Dong Qingsong
Deputy Regional Representative

Mr. Hiroyuki Konuma
Chief, Field Operations Branch, FAO/RAP

Mr. Ronald Van Nijnanten
Country Project Officer, Operation Branch, RAPR. FAO Project Officer

Mr. Praphas Weerapat
Thai Affair Section

Mr. Michiel Meerdink
Programme Officer Thai Affairs Section

Ms. Rika Fujioka
Associate Professional Officer, Participatory Rural Development

Mr. Minas K. Papa Demetriou
Senior Plant Production and Protection Officer
FAO Technical backstopping officer on Plant Production and Protection

FAO (Rome)

Mr. John Rouse
Senior officer, Rural Development Division (Rome)

Mr. Lawrence W. Jacobson
Focal Point for Disability Matters, Human Resources Officer, Rural Development Division (Rome)

Trainers A (Mushroom trainer working under Department of Public Welfare)

  1. Mr. Somsanit Malasai (Agricultural officer 5)
    Worked with hill tribes especially in agriculture, education and welfare. He is 44 years old.

  2. Mrs. Wilaiwan Prapothidesh (Agricultural officer 5)
    Extensive work in sericulture and communication officer for the Department of Agriculture. She is 46 years old.

  3. Mr. Prachit Kotrapan (Public Welfare officer 5)
    Worked extensively in land settlements; he also worked in land management and development. He is 42 years old.

  4. Miss. Boonrean Archwichai (Caretaker)
    Specialized in education; she works for Public Welfare. She is 40 years old.

  5. Mr. Amnart Srikao (Technical support)
    Worked for several years as care taker at the center. He is 24 years old.

Trainers B (Financed through the proceeds of the mushroom farm)

Name Address Age Status
1 Mr. Decha Baukum 28 Moo 4 Ban Fa Haun Tambon Kaeng Keng, Kut Khaopun district,
Ubon Ratchathani.
25 Group leader
Primary school level 6
2 Mr. Saeng Hattavong 135 Moo 4 Ban Yang, Tambon Kaeng, Detch-Udom district, Ubon Ratchathani. 38 Staff
(right leg and hand have no strength)
Primary school level 4
3 Mr. Jongjai Tarunjan 17 Moo 3 Ban Hong Phai, Tambon Doom Yai, Muang Sam Sip district, Ubon Ratchathani. 25 Staff
(left leg and hand have no strength) Secondary school level 3
4 Mr. Kum Karmkhuntod 89/1 Moo 5, Soi Ban Mai Charoen Suk, Tambon Dan Khuntod, Dan Khuntod district, Nakorn Ratchasima. 27 Staff
(humpback, small and short arms and legs, uses handcar)
Secondary school level 3
5 Ms. Auradee Silachai 173 Moo 2 Ban Huay Khayung, Tumbon Huay Khayung, Warin Chamrap district, Ubon Ratchathani. 20 Staff
(Lower part of body is paralyzed, uses wheel chair)
Secondary school level 3

Volunteer from Ubon Ratchathani Government

Ms. Watchanee Srijak (Graduated Volunteer under the Government of Ubon Ratchathani)

1st group of trainees

2nd group of trainees

Guest speakers

1. Mr. Satit Thaithatgoon
2. Mr. Subun Inthanam
3. Mr. Prapart Thongdee
4. Mr. Chaisiri Wisarut
5. Mr. Reangchai Saengsi
6. Mr. Pramote Thaithatgoon
Arunyik Mushroom Center staff
(Nakorn Pathom)
(Ubon Ratchathanee)
(Ubon Ratchathanee)

(Nakorn and Pathom)

(1-6 are mushroom growers)

7. Dr. Charida Pukkahut
8. Mrs. Yuvadee Chuprapawan
9. Mr. Uthai Unpim
10. Mr. Prasert Wutthikhampee
11. Mrs. Archchara Payappanon
12. Mrs. Pavana Likkananon
13. Mr. Chatchai Sarinkkapaiboon
14. Mr. Wirat Chubumroong
15. Dentist Mrs. Sibitong Boonpradap
16. Mr. Sakda Boonpradap
17. Ms. Vaelrung Navaboonniyom
18. Ms. Kanda Mongkol
19. Ms. Jula Jacksan
20. Mr. Wichai Aussayapao
21. Ms. Therapon Lucksana
22. Ms. Pissamai Asoketrakul
23. Ms. Ratanasiri Sukhakkanon
24. Mrs. Chantamanee Kittikunpairoj
25. Mr. Pairat Khathippatee
26. Mr. Somchai Leaochavarit
27. Mr. Niyom Naprakon
28. Dr. Narciso R. Deomampo
29. Dr. Alastair Hick
30. Dr. Narin Thongsiri
31. Mr. Lawrence W. Jacobson
(Ubon Ratchatanee university)
(Ubon Ratchatanee university)
(Ubon Ratchatanee university)
(Department of Agriculture)
(Department of Agriculture)
(Department of Agriculture)
(Department of Agriculture)
(Department of Agriculture)
(Head of Motivational sessions)
(Head of Motivational sessions)
(Motivational sessions)
(Motivational sessions)
(Motivational sessions)
(Motivational sessions)
(Motivational sessions)
(Motivational sessions)
(Motivational sessions)
(Motivational sessions)
(Motivational sessions)
(Motivational sessions)
(Motivational sessions)
(FAO Bangkok, marketing)
(FAO Bangkok, agro-processing)
(Chiangmai University, agro-processing)
(FAO Rome, motivation)

Other officials involved in the project


Mr. Elawat Chandraprasert
General Director of Public Welfare, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare

Expert specialist Kanijtha Thevintharapakti
Public Welfare (specialist)

Senator Narong Patibutsarakich
Asia Pacific Regional Chairperson (Thai resource person)

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