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March 2004

Proceedings of the Seminar on the production and exports of organic fruit and vegetables in Asia

3-5 November 2003
Bangkok, Thailand

This seminar was organized by FAO, International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) and the EarthNet Foundation

Consumer demand for organically produced food and fibre products, and society's interest for more sustainable development provide new opportunities for farmers and businesses around the world.

The seminar will focus on the market situation and outlook for organic horticultural products and on ways in which Asian countries can take advantage of potential market opportunities. It will cover the main issues related to the marketing of organic horticultural products, including outlets, logistics, certification and standards. Some production issues will also be addressed as they relate to exports. The debates will focus on the specific situation of the Asian countries.

FAO closely monitors international commodity developments, including the emergence of new market segments. We assist countries and the private sector in obtaining reliable information on agricultural production and trade in order to facilitate efforts towards export diversification and a better equilibration between supply and demand. Producing organic fruit and vegetables can contribute to increasing food security by generating incomes in small farms in a way that is sustainable from an environmental perspective.

He Changchui,
Assistant Director-General and, Regional Representative for Asia and the Pacific,
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Thailand

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